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Glamping in the Israeli Desert a unique luxury experience

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Do you know what Glamping means?
Glamping = glamorous + camping. If you love nature But dont like camping … this is exactly what you need.
Also its always nice to be able to experience nature and still feel you are spoiling yourself when you go on a vacation.
Experts say that Glamping gives you nature on your doorstep But keeps your tent as comfortable as an hotel room.

Glamping In the Israeli Desert 

Our Glamping experience was in the Israeli Desert and it was absolutely glamorous… a unique and secret hotel that only pop up several times a year…

The Glow Glamping Experience 


I was invited by GLOW Glamping to spend a night in their Secret location, Hotel comfort pop up luxury glamping camp.
In the last few years I’ve been to several Glamping camps in the world, but this was my first Glamping experience in Israel.

When we arrived at the campsite I knew it was something different from the camps I saw in Desert until now.
The tents are very big and are accommodated with everything you need in order to have a luxury hotel experience.

In the tents we found:

a small coffee machine, cookies and tea.
a heater. and in summer they have a air cooler in the tents.
a very comfortable bed with luxury bed linen and a pillow that adjusts according to your head shape.
flip flops and a cosmetics kit for the essentials you might need.
a bath robe and blanket.

everything needed to make our stay stylisher.

What to do while you Glamp…


First I would like to say that I recommend staying 2 nights in the camp to really experience the nature and the desert atmosphere.
In Glow Glamping we were welcomed with hot wine and the bonfire was set during the sunset ( which was an amazing experience).
A chef Dinner is served with wine and tasty food, after we went to the bonfire and continued with יhot wine, tea and marshmallows.
In the nights you can  also watch the stars with a telescope.

Mornings starts with a yoga lesson, coffee and a full breakfast.
According to where the camp is located you can find more info about activities in the area or in my opinion:

Just rest, relax and enjoy the Desert.
More Info 

For more info you can contact Glow Glamping:

Mail: Booking@glow-glamping.com

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Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert
Glamping in the Desert


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