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Hello, My name is Sheila Baron I’m a Travel Designer & Lifestyle Blogger.

My blog is all about: Traveling in style, Focusing on art, design, and nature, 

Specializing in Tropical Destinations & Urban Cities.

My Audience:

I write for people who love to travel in style & off the beaten track.

Most of my followers are females between the ages of 30-50.

The blog is both in English & Hebrew

travel with sheila lets collaborate

In the past year I’ve been combining my work as a Travel Designer with my Blog.
And  been invited to collaborate & explore many different options such as:
Locations, hotels, restaurants and many more.

Here are some examples:

Tv show – Terminal

Moletai Turist Information 

Glow Glamping

Athens unique-boutique – coming soon

Road 40- hatoferet


I am an experienced traveler full of knowledge. I have traveled to more than 60 countries.

My blog is both in English and Hebrew and I am very up to date on social media,
especially on Pinterest where I have 2 million viewers a month.

Facebook Groups: Travel in style | Melonot

My followers are loyal to me and trust my advice.

For more information about “Travel with Sheila” feel free to contact me.

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