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Moletai Lithuania a family vacation in a perfect location

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I didn’t know much about Lituania and Moletai in particularly when I was invited as a blogger to visit the area last September.
When I googled it some info came up But it was nothing like the real thing.
Moletai was a Big surprise for me, I found it extremely beautiful, relaxing, tasty, welcoming with a lot of friendly people that made me fall in love with the place.
If you are looking for a nice vacation with your family and friends, who love nature and want to breathe the clean air, moletai is a Great destination for you.

Get ready for a very long post because there was so much to do there.

Where is Moletai and how to get there 

Location: Moletai is located in the north eastern part of Lithuania.
60km from Vilnius ( about 1 hour drive) and  110km from Kaunas ( about 2 hours drive)
both cities have airports and are easy to reach. 

Recommended: Rent a car, you will need it to see the attractions in Moletai.

Rent a Driver: we had a driver that took us the all-time, He was so nice that I would recomand to use him if you dont feel like driving.
keleivinio mikroautobuso buoma
tel: +37-061510159
mail: ambertrans24@gmail.com

What to do in Moletai

Moletai is full of activities for the all family.
There are water activities, extreme activities, culture activities and much more.
If you ask me, also just renting a homestead (a farm house) and relaxing in the beautiful surroundings is a great activity.

Recommended Activities in Moletai:

Moletai Town

Moletai is a small town in the middle of 300 beautiful lakes.
The town is very small with a population of 6000 people.
A main long street with several shops and a small center where you can find the mayor’s office, the tourist information and a very old brick building that was once owned by the Jewish community.

The places we went to were:

Senoji užeiga – A nice resturant that also has serves as a b&b.

Vanilinis dangus – Sweet is all we need, and some coffee, a great place to stop for a break.

Slibino slėptuvė – A bakery with coffee, cakes and more.

we also found some shops, a grocery shop and a very nice ceramic center that you can come and work with the kids.

From the town center you can reach the Moletai Sculpture Park, where you can walk around ( run or bike or fish) and just enjoy the sculptures in the park and the beautiful lakes.


More Activities in Moletai:

Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology

15 minutes drive from moletai town on the top of the hill you will find the Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology.
A futuristic tower in the middle of the natural surroundings,
The museum shows the relationship of man and mankind with the Cosmic World,
There are many important pieces of collections in the museum but the main attraction is the rocket shape rooftop that is transparent and allows you to see all the area of moletai from a above.

Important: the most interesting thing to do in the museum includes a sleepless night where you have to book in advance for the sky Observatory in the middel of the night when its a clear night.
For all information go to the museum site: 


More Activities in Moletai:

Night and Day at Asveja Regional Park

We just arrived to the Homestead after a long day and we were told “Dont get to comfy in 1 hour we will go the Dubingiai village” it was six o’clock and started to get dark and very cold.
lets just say I really didnt want to do this activity and it was a Big mistake.
We arrived at a Dubingiai tourist information center –  an old building (200 years)  very nice and organized with interactive activities for kids.
We made our own lantern and went fora walk.
When we reached the top of the hill there was an old castle. Outside we had hot tea and cookies which was a great surprise and a very recommended one to book in advance.
A must activity for the kids
In the morning we went back for a walk in the area and saw the wooden bridge and the beautiful nature.
For more info go here
the castle 


More Activities in Moletai:

Alanta Manor Art gallery 

In Alanta town ( about 20 km from moletai) you will find Alanta Manor. the manor was renovated and today it is an art gallery of a local artist Vaidotas Žukas.
In the manor, you will find art of Lithuanian artists and on the second floor, there is a information about the jews of alanta.
The manor is in the middle of a beautiful garden and its nice to walk around.

For more info go here 

Alanta Town

We had the privilege to meet the mayor of Alanta and he showed us and  told us about the Jewish history of the town ( they are rebuilding an old synagogue).
Apparently he also has an Homestead (B&B) a very nice one with horses around.
They invited us for coffee and cake and it was a very nice meeting.
If  I had to choose a place to stay in the area this might be the one… very recommended.
for more info go here 


More Activities in Moletai:

Traditional Crafts Center “Meniškas village”

A well organized art center with a great atmosphere, established in 2008 and is known for its preservation and promotion of traditional black pottery.
They have children’s camps and many activities involving arts and crafts.
Our activity was a Wool workshop which was followed by a delicious lunch.
Very recommended with kids.
for more info go here 


Labanoras regional park +  Tower and ATV  

Labanoras Regional Park is the biggest regional park in Lithuania and has a lot of different landscapes and routes.
Inside the park you can find the Observation Tower and if you like the challenge you can climb the 214 steps in order to see the view.
What do you think I did?
In order to reach the tower we had to drive inside the park and we got to do that on a Four wheel drive ATV,
That was a lot of fun.
For the Park and the tower visit here 
For the ATV visit here 

More Activities in Moletai:

Lake Fishery Museum

A soup is always a good idea on a cold day, after the ATV drive we arrived at the fish museum.
The area of moletai is full of lakes, and fishing was the main food source for many years ( still is today)
They fish in the summer when the water is clear and in the winter while the lakes are frozen ( and this could be a very nice experience too).
We were welcomed by 2 lovley ladies that prepared the amazing fish soup, sang for us and explained to us how they prepare the soup.
I must say I loved it.
for the musuem visit here 
And dont forget to order the: Rimydziai fish soup and other traditional dishes
Muziejaus g. 7, Mindūnai |Tel. +370 689 83643


Molėtai Aerodrome

300 lakes are somthing you want to see from the sky.
On our last day we went flying and it was an amazing experience, to be able to see all the fantastic colors from the sky.
The small airport is owned by 4 pilots and and you can book a flight with them.
I must admit I was afraid but once we were up in the sky I knew I had made the right choice to try this.

for the airpot site go here 


More Activities in Moletai:

Moletai Old Car Museum – Molėtų technikos muziejus

Just next to the airport you will find the Old cars museum, and if you like cars you will love this place.
They have a very big collection of old cars and we were told that many tv shows use these cars – like the famous Chernobyl tv show.

for more info go here 


Apple island – Obuoliu sala

When they said we are going to the apple island I wanted to know if we are really going to see many apple trees, and we did.
The island is a great place to stay and they have very basic sleeping arragments and also a caravan park.
There is a restaurant and a small sandy beach.

for more info go here 


Where to stay in Moletai

There are many options of staying in the Moletai area and you can find most of them here 
The places are called Homesteads and are similar to B&B.

We stayed and visted some of them:

Homestead Kliukai
Located on a hill with several water ponds,  a very nice Countryside homestead with 4 rental options each with a different room arrangement between 4-8 persons,
all built by the owner- Vytis, and have a personal touch.
Each cottage has a separate yard with furniture, fully equipped kitchen with a cozy living room.

We stayed there for 2 nights and really enjoyed the place.
The owner was super nice and the main guest house is amazing with a fully equipped kitchen and a big library space.
For more info visit here 


More places to stay at

Another place we had the chance to enjoy and stay at was:

Homestead Stirneles viensedis

Located inside a forest with a small water stream 4 wooden houses: 3 can accommodate 4-6 people and a larger one for 10 people.
The wooden houses are fully equipped with everything you might need and there is an option to order food from the owner –  Raimonda ( we had a very tasty meal there)

There are many activities around and a big house for hospitalty with a kitchen and a sauna. we tried the sauna as the real Lithuanian people use it and it was a great experience- I truly recommend it.

For more info visit here 

More Homestead & Hotels we found on the way

we visited lots of Homesteads, Hotels and B&B when we were in Moletai, in some we ate and in some we made activities:
Attached here is a list of the places. for all moletai options go here

Homestead Alantos žirgai

A beautiful Farm house in Alanta, The house is new and can accommodate 8 people.
just in front of a water pond- lovely place and lovely people.

Hotel Senoji užeiga

Located in the center of Moletai with a nice resturant.

Vila Kelmynė Hotel 

A nice hotel just in front of moletai lakes. we had lunch there.

Homested Įlankos sodyba

This Homestead was bigger then the others and they were right by the lake, seems like there is a lot of water sports in the summertime.
the houses were really nice and I think this would be one of my candidates for a vacation with friends.

Pagulbis farm house 

A unique house and exprience, more suitable for large groups and events.

Apple Island

The Island is a really nice Island full of apple trees. you can rent a small cabin or come with a caravan or tent.

Good bye Moletai

A Sunset of a lifetime

As I mentioned, in the beginning, I came to Moletai for a bloggers trip, I must admit I had my doughts and I have to say I really fell in love with the place.
This Part was the end of our 4 days exploring Moletai. I didn’t Put everything we did into this post But I am attaching my partner’s posts and the moletai information center.
Writing about all these activities we did, the people we met, makes me miss this unique place.
So just a Big Thank you to Moletai Tourist Information and all the amazing people that were involved in organizing this trip.

Mayor of Molėtai District Municipality: Saulius Jauneika
Moletai Tourist and Busines Information center: Daiva Kulienė, Justina Čereškaitė
Chairman of the Lithuanian Rural Tourism Association: Vytis Štelbys

Also Thanks to my fellow bloggers and especially to Ronit Shimon who without her this wouldn’t have been possible.
Thanks to my friend: tzipi Levin, mali abramovich, Inbal Zak and to my dad, Joram Baron that descided to join us and discover his roots.

Thanks Moletai, you’ve been good to us and we will see you soon again

For all the links:

Moletai tourist informating here 
Ronit shimron – travelust here
Inbal zak – kvar orezet here 
Mali Abramovich- turistit here
Tsipi levin – gveret-levin here 





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    I’ve been to Lithuania twice, but didn’t have the chance to visit Moletai (just yet). I think i’ll need to add it to my bucket list 🙂

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      You should its a great place and you can combine it with the big cities

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