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Jerusalem with kids in A stylish way

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I love Jerusalem. It is only an hour away from home  and I do not get to visit it enough.

My mom is from Jerusalem and I always loved this city. I used to think that the most beautiful cities of the world are Firenze, Prague and Paris But as I grew up I understood Jerusalem is definitely on the top of my list.

I had never seen Jerusalem during  Hanukkah and Christmas, until 2 weeks ago with my 2 small children ( 5 and 8 ) who had never been before.

During Hanukkah holidays  2018 I decided to take them no matter what and a good friend  joined with her kids. it was an amazing experience for all of us.


Where to stay in Jerusalem

There are so many good options in jerusalem. it’s full of a big variety of hotels, B&B, apartments and so on.

this time I was looking for a hotel with style that will work good together with kids.

The Villa Brown was the best fit for us. It’s very stylish, Its well located and we were very lucky to get a good price when we booked.

We arrived to the hotel at noon and the kids just loved it! they wanted to take a photo in every spot.

The room was great, everything we needed and more, it looks like they thought of all the small details to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The breakfast was delicious, there was lots of variety, and got small tapas in the middle of the table.

The location of the hotel is perfect, near the main street and a 15 minute walk to the old city.

Jerusalem with kids – what to do

Visit the old city

It’s a must to visit the old city of Jerusalem and especially in hanukkah. there are so many different tours to do in Jerusalem But we arrived in Hanukkah and wanted to see the candle lights in the jewish quarter of the old city.

The tour we took was very nice and we walked along the route of the lights, at this time of the year the city is full of light exhibitions on the walls and we came across actors in the corners of the streets. you can also get a map that will lead you in the right directions. we walked from the jaffa gate to the Western Wall  (kotel)and the kids loved it.

Try to make it for this time of the year But in any case, Jerusalem old city is beautiful all your around.

Places you shouldn’t miss with kids in jerusalem

The time elevator 

The elevator takes you to several amazing trips. it’s a journey of the history of Jerusalem and tells the kids the wonders of the past and some of the present and future of the capital of Israel.

the kids loved it – A must do.

The Science Museum

The  Science Museum in Jerusalem presents exhibitions of science and many options of integrated activities. the kids wanted to stay longer and it was a pity the place had to close at 1800.

I highly recommend if you have time 

It was a short visit to Jerusalem and a cold one too, But we walked a lot and loved every moment of it.

So where did we eat that you should too…

Besides all the donuts, ice creams ( in the middle of the winter ) and so on… we managed to eat in 2 great restaurants in jerusalem.

Anna italian cafe 

In the house of Anna Ticho the lower part is a gallery and the upper one is a very nice restaurant. when you visit don’t forget to order the lemon pie.

Adom restaurant

located in the old station area ( a nice place to visit with more restaurants and shops )

a great restaurant with a large variety of wine and great food, the kids enjoyed their child dishes and we enjoyed the ceviche.

Let’s say that 24 hours are not enough to visit jerusalem – maybe 4 days can be ok for a first time… but we had a blast and we’ll definitely come back again soon


                                                TO BE CONTINUED – PIN FOR LATER

jerusalem stylish with kids
jerusalem stylish with kids
jerusalem stylish with kids
jerusalem stylish with kids


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  • יעל

    מקסים! חידשת לי הרבה ועשית לי חשק לנסוע לירושלים. הולכת לברר לגבי המלון 😀

    • Sheila Baron

      איזה כיף! ירושלים שווה ממש עכשיו והמלון היה מושלם

  • Illana Rozenek

    haven’t been there for a long time – you really mad me wanna go back there and especially with the kids !!! will take notes of your tips !

    • Sheila Baron

      it’s a magical city – you must take the kids and go there for at least 3 days 🙂

  • Merav 🐬

    עושה חשק לטייל בירושלים עם הילדים כולל לינה במלוןnice

    • Sheila Baron

      איזה יופי ! שמחה שאהבת וקדימה לטיול בירושלים 🙂

  • מאיה

    המלצות מעולות! גרתי 8 שנים בעיר ובדיוק שעזבנו פתחו את אנה בבית אנה טיכו. שמעתי שהיא מעולה ועכשיו ממש עשית לי חשק 😊

    • Sheila Baron

      מסעדה מקסימה מומלצת בחום הראשונות היו נהדרות הילדים עפו על הפסטות והפרטי לימון ….

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