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Only YOU – this hotel will make you miss Madrid

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Sometimes all you need is a good hotel.
Madrid has great areas to walk around, shops that never close and food you want to eat all day.
But the hotel we chose, thanks to a dear friend that recommended it a long time ago, and the area its located in, were so great that most of my photos are from the hotel and the surrounding area  and we didnt really want to leave the hotel in order to see the city.

It was a short flight to madrid. The last time i was there  was 20 years ago so i didnt really remember much about the city.

“Only you” is located in the chueca area. the building is a renovated 19th-century palace with restaurants and a bar. its well located –  an 8-minute walk from Plaza de Cibeles and Plaza de Colón and a 5-minute walk from Gran Vía Boulevard.

The chueca is an upcoming neighborhood with cool shops and bars, you can easily walk there for 2 days and get lost in the small streets.

Just next to the hotel you will find Mercado de San Antón where we had a great lunch and some drinks in the afternoon.

About the room 😃

The room was just perfect and we wanted to stay there and miss Madrid..

It had 3 areas : the entrance ( with the closet, fridge and mirror )

The bed with a big table, chair and tv

And the bathroom that had a shower and all we needed and please don’t forget the cool bathrobes.


Only in the hotel itself you can stay a week and it won’t feel strange, it has several spaces that you can sit in and enjoy its unique environment.

I felt like i needed to take a photo of every room and every corner i saw. even the elevator was a surprise full of real books, they really did a good job with the design of the hotel.



Some more info about the spaces in ONLY YOU

YOUnique Restaurant – An impeccably decorated space where you can enjoy a new concept of gastronomy, based on a blend of authentic traditional cuisine from Madrid and surprising modern touches. ( text was taken from the hotel )

this was also where we had breakfast that was served perfectly.

El Padrino Bar book store – Books and wines come together in the hotel’s most traditional corner. The old PADRINO bookshop, which occupied the ground floor of what was once a building with noble apartments in the 19th century and whose façade has been preserved intact. offers a new gastronomic concept that everyone should try. ( text was taken from the hotel )

YOUnique Lounge- offers you a space where you can enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that adapts to any time of the day, making it a great place for seeing friends or having a work meeting. The area is open to anyone wanting to disconnect for a while in pleasant surroundings in the centre of Madrid. ( text was taken from the hotel)
we stayed there during the mondial games so we managed to catch a game there and i managed to have a great chilli cocktail.

While walking in the chueca area 😉

Chueca is considered to be one of the most stylish and cool neighborhoods of madrid and it was one of the reasons i chose this hotel. It has a fun atmosphere and tons of bars and restaurants and coffee places. we walked a lot and found many places, i would love to go back to, designer shops and cool concepts shops. my recommendation  is to make a reservation at the only you hotel and start your visit in MADRID.



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    איזה מלון שווה רק עכשיו חזרתי מברצלונה טוב זה נראה יעד פוטנציאלי ביותר

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    so this one is a must! we loved it!

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